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918kiss / SCR888: Malaysia's best online casino app

Can you imagine a time when there was no such thing as a Malaysia Online Casino? It seems such a long time ago that we have pretty much taken it for granted. We have grown to expect everything to be available at our fingertips with our always on, anytime, anywhere lifestyle of mobile phones and tablets. But if you think about it, it was only in 2001 that the first true internet connected smartphone, the Apple iPhone was launched, and in 2009 the first Android phone was launched. But as long as there have been smartphones, there have been smartphone apps, and in Malaysia, the 918kiss Online Casino app has been there almost as long as anyone can remember.

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Before the 1990’s the only way Malaysia casino enthusiasts could enjoy a punt or two at the blackjack, poker or baccarat tables was to travel to Pahang and head to the Genting Highlands Resort Casino nestled amidst the serene jungles. By around 1994 however, internet cafes started growing in popularity.

People would gather to surf the internet, play network war games and play online games together. It did not take long for enterprising businesspeople to start offering online casino Malaysia games into these internet cafes. And business boomed. A match made in heaven, happy gamblers now had avenues to place a sports bet or play their favourite Malaysia slots games without having to drive several hours to reach the only casino in Malaysia.

The birth of Malaysia Mobile Online Casino Gambling

The birth of Malaysia Mobile Online Casino Gambling

When the iPhone launched in 2001, it did not take long for people to start to appreciate the convenience of having the power of the entire internet in the palm of your hand. All kinds of games from the simple to ones with sophisticated graphics, surround sound and immersive gameplay emerged. As you can imagine, casino games did not take long to follow suit.

Many argue that SCR888 was Malaysia’s first mobile online casino. That has never been verified, but it became so popular throughout the country that the authorities in the state tried to clamp down on it. As a result, the app was rebranded and relaunched as 918kiss.

And it’s popularity has never declined ever since. Even with Online Casino Slots apps from international games providers becoming more readily available, they have not gained the same popularity as 918kiss. Such global names include

1. Playtech - As the world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software, Playtech offers true omni channel solutions with over 600 casino gaming products on offer with new cutting edge technologies, 3D game graphics and Hollywood motion capture to offer it’s new Virtual Sports Simulator. With many of the most popular slots games within it’s stables such as Age of the Gods - Fate Sisters, Great Blue, Safari Heat & Highway Kings, it can be considered the godfather of Malaysian Casino Slots. Most of Playtech’s games can be found on the 918kiss app.


2. SpadeGaming - an Asia based company with slots creations that have a signature Asian-theme. With games offering amazing graphics and sound effects that are compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms. From the unique 1 line slot FaFaFa2 to Bruce Lee inspired Fist of Gold, manga themed First Love, and Chinese history themed Ming Dynasty slots, Princess Wang and Emperor Gate and the whopping 243 lines ‘168 Fortunes’ slots, there’s something for everyone to play

3. DreamTech - In just a short two years, Dreamtech has developed over a hundred games playable on both mobile and desktop, with tie-ups of Asian popular comics like One Piece themed King of Pirates, Saiyan Battle, childhood favorites Doraemon and Basketball Master 2, arcade game King of Fighters 98 and award winning movie Battle of Red Cliffs it is one of the fastest growing games providers working with numerous partners to bring famous brands to the casino stage.


4. Booongo - Fully mobile, tablet and desktop adaptive, Booongo brings not only stunning 2D and 3D graphics, but also a game spectator mode where players can play one-on-one tournaments live with other players. With eclectic themes from around the world like ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ slots and 12 Animals based on the Chinese zodiac, to Irish 4-leaf clover slots game Star Gems, to Egypt’s God’s temple Deluxe and even space invaders style game Wild Galaxy it’s boatloads of fun with Booongo’s casino slots games.

5. Kuma Gaming - There have been tie-ups with Hollywood blockbusters, Manga comics, cartoons and sports events, but a tie up with the Japanese porn industry? Now that’s a first! In a move that has captured the hearts of online casino players, Kuma Gaming brings interactive x-rated movie scenes to the big and small screen from desktops to smart phones. There’s never been a better time to be able to enjoy the online casino experience in the *ahem* ‘privacy’ of your own home.

But what makes the 918 kiss / SCR888 app so popular? Let’s take a closer look -

The true Malaysia online casino experience

Compared to the other apps, 918kiss really caters to the unique Malaysian flavor. With thematic music and graphics celebrating Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya as well as scrolling messages in several languages, the app formerly known as SCR888 has truly captured the essence of what makes for the true Malaysia online casino experience.

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More than just addictive Online Slots games

With revolutionary 3D fishing game Ocean King, 918kiss brought beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay to the small screen combining fish shooting, lobster netting, Neptune kings, manta rays and even a water dragon or two ensures that loyal fans keep coming back for more.

918kiss offers not only popular Online Casino Slots games, but also allows players to bet on roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other table games.

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Best Malaysia Online Casino for High Rollers

Whilst most casinos and casino apps have bet limitations, 918kiss allows high rollers to make bets up to RM10,000 a spin, something completely unheard of in the industry, making it the clear winner for the betting needs of Malaysia online casino high rollers. There must be a reason why high rollers love playing casino slots on SCR888 - maybe they know How to Win at Casino Slots.

918kiss only works with Trusted Malaysia Online Casinos

With strict policies in place, 918kiss only works with Trusted Malaysia Online Casinos. Due to this, there have been irresponsible online casinos who have tried to offer counterfeit 918kiss apps. As such players are highly recommended to only choose approved online casinos like QQclubs.

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Whether it’s arguing about who invented Nasi Lemak, Hokkien Mee and Bak Kut Teh, Malaysians know what truly makes a great Malaysian dish, and 918kiss (a.k.a SCR888) with its uniquely Malaysian games on offer, celebration of all the multi cultures in the country and supported by high roller Malaysia online casino enthusiasts, it’s little wonder from this review why 918kiss is truly the best online casino mobile app in Malaysia.

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